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Fictive Lab

We are an Internet-of-things company which provides software & hardware platform for Smart Home & Interactive Devices


Monitor your home and get notified immediately for any unusual activity.


Keep you connected to your home anytime. Control appliances from anywhere.


Let things take care of themselves.

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Smart platform for your smart home. Always up and secure.

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Hassle free wireless plug'n play Smart Home System.


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The Interact Platform

Future is connected. The increasing pressure on device manufacturers to make their products smart and connected is spurring an entire industry devoted to helping manufacturers add hardware connectivity and back-end services. Adding connectivity in-house is an expensive option for many device manufacturers, who have little or no expertise in communications modules or back end cloud services.
Now, rather than spending time and resources to design, integrate and maintain a connectivity infrastructure, your business can instead focus on its core expertise of building the best products for its customers, adding greater value and differentiation, and significantly reducing time to market.
Interact helps you understand the complexities and opportunities and works with you to create a meaningful solution. Our world-class consulting services, broad partner ecosystem and reliable IoT Platform as a Service simplify the discovery and deployment of complete IoT solutions that deliver tangible business gains.


Interact SoC

The Interact platform starts with a very reliable SoC (System on Chip) that is to be integrated in the device/appliance. The chip may have one of many connectivity modules on it depending on the nature of the device.

Interact Cloud

Our secure cloud connects you devices to anything having Internet access. Your servers, products, apps or even third-party services can connect to your field devices through our cloud. Interact Cloud also helps you monitor device performance and user interaction by reporting device analytics.

Interact Security

Industry leading security standards have been applied every aspect of Interact platform for the best possible experience and security of your customers.

About Our Company

Disrupt Systems

Fictive Lab bridges the gap between physical and digital world through smart connected devices. Moreover it also enables appliance manufacturers to develop smart and connected version of their existing products by integrating them with Interact platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to some of the question which are asked by the public on frequent basis.

  What is Interact Smart Hub?

The Interact Hub is the brain that turns your home into a Smart Home. Your Interact Hub provides connectivity to Interact enabled devices and the Interact cloud via an internet connection.

  What is Interact Presence Sensor?

The Interact Presence Sensor detects any motion nearby and performs a specific task accordingly. Users can manually set the tasks performed through the Interact Smart App which could range from turning on/off lights to triggering an alarm and many more.

  What is Interact open/close Sensor?

The Interact Open/Close Sensor sends the user an alert whenever it is opened or closed. Due to it being small, battery powered and wireless the open/close sensor can be placed in multiple places like doors, windows, drawers and cabinets etc.

  What is Interact Smart Plug?

The Interact Smart Plug Lets you controll any wired devices like your TV, AC, oven, toasters, lamps and coffee makers through the Interact Smart App. Simply plug your device in through our Smart Plug and you ready to control your devices from anywhere in the world.

  What is Interact Smart Switch Plate?

Interact Smart switch Plate revolutionaizes the way we interact with the hard wired devices (lights and fans etc.) in our homes. By replacing traditional on/off switches with the new touch enabled switches which are better looking, safer, easier to use and above all able to be controlled remotley via our Smart App.

  How many family members/users can connect to one Hub?

Currently a maximum of 10 users can connect to one Interact Hub. If you want to add more than 10 users then you can do so by contacting our support team. Who will be happy to facilitate and guide you through the process.

  What happens if the Hub loses internet connection?

In case the Intaract Hub loses internet connectivity due to some reason, the users are alerted immediatley. Meanwhile the alerts and notification generated during this time are stored on the Hub and delivered to the users when it re-establishes a connection to the internet. Users can still connect to the Hub over the Home network and inetract to the devices and aplliances.

  How many smart device could be connected to single Hub?

There is virtually no limit to the number of devices you can connect to an Interact Hub. But, we reccomend a maximum of 50 devices connected to a single Hub. Adding any more devices could cause the hub to slow down.

  Do you help manufacturers make their devices/appliances smart?

Yes, we do provide specilized hardarware components which can be easily integrated with any electrical appliance or device to make it smart. If you want to make your devices smarter, feel free to contact us and know more about our solution.

  How do I learn about the new things you are working on?

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